2010 - 2014 


Solo exhibition at F4 Treviso
curated by Gianpaolo Arena and Carlo Sala
"quasi-quasi" solo exhibition/performace at Matèria Gallery, Rome
Twenty14 Contemporary, Milano
Gluqbar, Milano
Fondazione Benetton, Treviso
book exhibited "2016 - Sulla Nuova Fotografia Italiana" @Viasaterna Milano
"New Italian Photobooks" @JEST Torino


Foto Grafia is a journey into a photographic encyclopedia within the nuances and clichés of today’s images: an open-ended rebus which can be seen as a typography collection, the diary of a wannabe writer or an ironic photographic manual. Foto Grafia hybridizes image and word and takes different languages to their extremes, creating a short circuit of form and content, signifier and signified. Photographed between 2010 and 2014 in Europe and Japan and published in 2015 by Danilo Montanari Editore, Foto Grafia is Massaro's first monograph, made-to-read "at the conjunction of a mirror and an encyclopedia".

Online text by Darren Campion
printed afterword text by 3/3
(Chiara Capodici & Fiorenza Pinna)
Photocaptionist best books of 2015
by Federica Chiocchetti
Nuova Fotografia Italiana @ Flash Art Italia
winner of Premio Nascimben Prize U25 2014