Luca Massaro (Reggio Emilia, 1991) is a photographer, artist and founder of Gluqbar, Milan. After a degree in Foreign Literatures and Linguistics at Università Cattolica Milano and Université Sorbonne Paris IV, he started a research at the intersection of photographs and words. His first work Foto Grafia was published by Danilo Montanari Editore and exhibited at F4 Festival, Matèria Gallery, T14 Contemporary, Benetton Foundation (Nascimben Prize U25).
The following project Vietnik has been exhibited in solo shows at Viasaterna, Metronom, Spazio Duale, Centrale Festival and in collective exhibitions at Fotografia Europea, Museo MAR, Chiostri di San Domenico, Fonderia Napoleonica, Peckham 24, Minimum, Nexst. It has been selected among the finalists of the Portfolio Review Düsseldorf, Cosmos PDF Award Rencontres d'Arles, GAI, Premio Fabbri. The book was published by Gluqbar Editions in April 2019 thanks to the Energie Diffuse grant and presented at Printed Matter booth at NYABF 2019. Commissioned works include Alla Carta, i-D, Purple Magazine, Rivista Studio, Rolling Stone, Vogue.


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 Generazione Critica by Daniele De Luigi
i-D Portraits
 Foto Grafia by Danilo Montanari Editore

My work focuses on the invisible space that separates an image from its caption, photographs from words, in their different forms of production, translation and transmission.

I’m interested in the intrinsic duality of the photo-graphic medium, and its tie to the performative construction of identities. I’m looking for possible convergences between the new uses of photography and its tradition, the creation of a cohesive body of work and its decontextualization by internet distribution and immediacy.

Via photographs, words, installations, artist books, and through techniques of manipulation borrowed from the urban and online accelerated mediascape – as the proliferation of backlit devices, the repetition of graphic logos and leitmotifs –, my work is a portrait of the conflicting hybridization of iconotexts today, questioning the cultural and political assumed value of the images that stick to our psyche and shared worldview.


Studio: Via C. Gluck 48, Milano
T. +39 339 6060765

Represented by Viasaterna
Co-Founder of Gluqbar Studio


Degree in Literatures, Communication, Media at Università Cattolica Milano and Université Sorbonne Paris IV Erasmus
Thesis: "Foto Grafia - il rapporto tra immagine fotografica e parola nell'era contemporanea, dalle arti visive alla comunicazione"


Foto Grafia
- Danilo Montanari Editore, 2015

L'Aquila e La Rana - LDS Editions, 2014
The Eagle & The Toad  - Gluqbar, 2015

Ukiyo-e - Edizioni PulcinoElefante, 2014
Ukiyo-e -, 2013


See Both Sides - Viasaterna Milano

The White Room The Black Room
- Spazio Duale Roma

- Centrale Festival
(curated by Marco Paltrinieri)

Gluqbar  - Chiostri di San Domenico Reggio Emilia (curated by Daniele De Luigi and Ilaria Campioli)

COMME des GRENOUILLES | Gluqbar - Edicola Radetzky Milano

La Tendenza - Marsèlleria Milano

Seeing Double - Metronom Modena 

Foto Grafia
– F4 Festival Treviso (curated by Carlo Sala and Gianpaolo Arena)

quasi-quasi – Matèria Gallery Roma


Fruit Exhibition @ Mambo Bologna (postponed)
Spazio Libero Public Billboards Reggio Emilia (curated by Ilaria Campioli & Daniele De Luigi)

Centrale @ The Others Fair Torino (curated by Luca Panaro) 
Future Shock @ Fonderia Napoleonica (curated by Francesca Marani & Marco Gehlhar)
Dancing in Peckham @ Peckham 24 (slideshow selected by Photoworks UK, Webber Gallery & Der Greif)
Looking On, Sguardi e Prospettive sulla Nuova Fotografia Italiana - MAR (curated by Federica Chiocchetti,
project by Osservatorio Fotografico)

Confotografia - Triennale di Milano
Mōmentum - Minimum @ Comodo64 / Nesxt / Torino
Comrade Animal (Gluqbar x Parasite 2.0) - Villa Vertua Milano
Telemarket @ Gluqbar - Photo Week Milano
Mōmentum @ “Mo[t]us Operandi” - Minimum Manifesta collaterals, Palermo
Retina - Gluqbar, Milano

Finissage - Twenty14 Contemporary, Milano
Narrativa / Visual Essays - Twenty14 Contemporary, Milano
Premio Francesco Fabbri - Villa Brandolini, Pieve di Soligo (TV)

Sideways - Palazzo Casotti Fotografia Europea Festival Reggio Emilia
2016 On New Italian Photography - Viasaterna publishing selection
Last but not least New italian photobooks - JEST Torino

Little Big Press - FotoGrafia Festival, MACRO Roma,
On Landscape #2 - Matèria Gallery Rome

Uno Sguardo Lento - MIA Fair Milan
Urban Center Bologna
Scuola Architettura Siracusa
Biennale Spazio Pubblico Roma
Premio Francesco Fabbri - Villa Brandolini, Pieve di Soligo (TV)
Premio Nascimben - Fondazione Benetton Treviso
Confotografia - SI Fest #23 Savignano
Fotografia e Parola, Premio Prina - Galleria Ghiggini Varese
Fotografia e Parola, Premio Prina - Triennale Milano
Mo(nu)ment @ ARCI - Fotografia Europea OFF, Reggio Emilia
Ukiyo-e @ Free is Free - Galerie du Point Ephémère, Paris


Energie Diffuse Grant Reggio Emilia
COSMOS PDF Award shortlist @ Rencontres Arles 2018
Metronom Summer Residency - "Seeing Double" 2017
Metronom LIVEstudio#3 - shortlisted,  2017
Premio Francesco Fabbri - shortlisted,  2016
Giovani Artisti Italiani - Fotografia Europea 2016
Portfolio Review Düsseldorf  2016
Premio Francesco Fabbri - shortlisted 2014
Premio Nascimben - winner u25 prize,  2014
Premio Prina - shortlisted, 2014
Confotografia, residency - L'Aquila, 2013
Urban Center / Numi Studio, residency - Nuoro, 2012


Viasaterna Milano - in conversation with Federica Chiocchetti
Vietnik Workshop & Book Launch -Chiostri Fotografia Europea Reggio Emilia
LiveStudio #3 - Galleria Civica Modena x Metronom, Februrary 2017
2016 - On New Italian Photography / Publishing - Viasaterna Milano
The Life of Vietnik - NRW-Forum Düsseldorf, February 2016
Foto Grafia - Università de L'Aquila, September 2013
Foto Grafia - Urban Center di Nuoro, November 2012


Alla Carta, Dazed, Hunter Magazine, i-D, Noisey, PIG Quarterly, Purple Magazine, Rivista Studio, Rolling Stone, Sportmax & Weekend (Max Mara), Super by Retrosuperfuture.

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Via C. Gluck 48
Milano 20125 IT

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