captionthis (2019 - )

On the shifting relationship between image and word in the Internet communication.
The title takes its cue from online vernacular saying and forum tag “captionthis” where weird and funny images are deemed untaggable or “beyond words”. Classic tropes and clichés of photography (the car, the cat, the dog, women, sunsets, celebrities and clickbaits) become unresolved rebus: memes missing their textual part or illustrations of unspeakable ideas.
There are no hierarchies in terms of image quality or resolution (all images are printed the same size 100x80cm), between the fascination of stock photography and the common use of images, and in the contexts where the images are repurposed (online and in classic white frames or lightboxes). In the time of ubiquitous photography and disappering writing, “captionthis” is a portrait of the contradictory image status today. 

Via C. Gluck 48
Milano 20125 IT
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